Sarah Bahm Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
First Grade


I went to Michigan State University for my undergraduate degree.  In 1999, I received a degree in Child Development with my teaching degree. Then in 2004 I received my Masters in Literacy from Michigan State University.


I have taught with Owosso Public Schools for fifteen years. 

I began my career at Roosevelt.  I taught Young Five for three years in that charming building.

Then I moved to Washington Elementary School.  There I taught one more year of Young Five followed by one year of first grade.  I loved Washington, but there was not a place for me, so I moved once again.

I began at Central Elementary in a first/second grade loop.  After two loops, I stayed in second grade for a year.  Then, I moved up to third grade, where I taught for three years. Finally, I moved back down to first grade, where I am now!

I have loved each and every grade.  I also hold a special place in my heart for all of the amazing buildings I have taught at!